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Vojislavljevici were the first medieval dynasty to rule Duklja from the end of X to the end of XII century. The dynasty was named after Prince Vojislav, although the first ruler of this family, of whom more is known, was Prince Vladimir, uncle of Vojislav or his uncle’s brother. Prince Vladimir, later St. Jovan Vladimir, had palace in Krajina, in the territory of the present-day municipality of Bar , which at the time was at the centre of political events in the medieval Balkans.

The internet platform – In the footsteps of Vojislavljevics – promotes a thematic tourist route inspired by the Vojislavljevic dynasty and the cult of St. Jovan Vladimir, which connects the cosmopolitan city of Bar, the cradle of Montenegrin medieval statehood, with a multi-confessional and multicultural region.

The aim of this platform is to present the cultural heritage of the municipality of Bar from the reign of the Vojislavljevic dynasty. To connect it with the places in the region where the rulers of that dynasty left their mark, and thus promote a unique tourist route that offers not only history but also the authentic ambience of traditional multi-confessional and multicultural Montenegro and the region.

Project “On the footsteps of Vojislavljevic dynasty – Municipality of Bar, a cradle of Montenegrin medieval statehood” was kindly supported by TO Bar.