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Monastery of Saints Serge and Bacchus on the river Bojana

The Monastery of Saint Sergius and Bacchus at Bojana`s river bank is a former Orthodox monastery from the Middle Ages, whose ruins are located near Shkodra, Albania. It is believed that the monastery was founded by Emperor Justinian (6th century), but it probably originated in the 11th century. The historical source for period of Vojislavljevic dynasty is reporting on the monastery as a grave church for historically known kings of the Vojislavljevic family, Mihajlo and his son Bodin, whose capital was in Shkoder, as well as their descendants, Vladimir and Gradihna.
“The queen died at the time and Mihalo accepted the kingdom. He had seven sons whose names are these: Vladimir, Prijaslav, Sergius, Deria, Gavril, Miroslav and Bodin. However, King Mihajilo reigned thirty-five years and died. He was buried with great honours in the monastery of the Holy Martyrs Sregius and Bacchus. “- From the Chronicle of Pop Dukljanin.

For some time monastery was the seat of the Bishop of Shkoder. It was devastated by the Ottomans at the end of the sixteenth century, and its remains have not been archaeologically explored. Today the site is partially destroyed by the eroding effect of the Bojana River.

Around the fortified monastery, St. Srdj Square have developed. It was a significant trading post thanks to the monopoly in salt trade and its specific position in the navigable part of the Bojana River.