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Monastery Ratac , Bar

The remains of the fortified Monastery complex are located on the seashore, between Bar and Sutomore, at the Ratac Cape, after which it was named. The Ratac Monastery is believed to have been established by Benedictines during the reign of Vojislavljevic dynasty, in the XI century. Benedictines came to these areas from Monte Casino in southern Italy. The monastery is first mentioned in historical sources in 1247. Queen Jelena of Anjou donated the monastery with properties at the end of the 13th century. Same did King Milutin in the early 14th century, who confirmed the earlier gifts of his mother Queen Jelena. During the fourteenth century, the monastery was repeatedly mentioned in historical sources. Since 1443 it has been governed by Venetians. The Turks burned it and destroyed in 1571.

The oldest building of the monastery complex is represented by the basic remains of a church from the 11th century, which was built as a single-nave building with a rectangular base. It is assumed that she was illuminated by a semi-arched vault. The second, younger and smaller church with an underground crypt dates from the second half of the 12th century. It was erected as a smaller single-nave rectangular structure, with a semicircular altar apse. The third, youngest and largest church is the remains of a monumental basilica, whose construction began in the early fourteenth century. It is never completed in its entirety. The church is a rectangular base with three naves.