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Prespa – Saint Achilleios

Describing Prespa, the capital of the Samuel`s Empire, the historical sources remain unspecified, although it is quite certain that it was located in the region of Prespa Lake. Today researchers have differing opinions and several localities are associated with this medieval city.

However, it has become generally accepted that the island of Saint Achilles on Little Prespa Lake in present-day Greece is the site of the city where Jovan Vladimir was executed and beheaded in 1016 by Jovan Vladislav. Two years after the city fell into Byzantine hands.

The remains of several churches and one large basilica were found on the island, as well as the graves of the Bulgarian ruler’s family, Cara Samujil, Gavrli Radomir and John Vladislav.

Fortress of Prespa, capital and burial place of Bulgarian Emperor Samuil.

Sarcophagus of Emperor Samuil, Jovan Valdislav and Gavrilo Radomir in Saint Achilleios, Greece