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Monastery of Precista Krajinska, Ostros

To the right of the local Vladimir – Ostros road is the Prečista Krajinska Monastery. Monastery consists of the remains of a monastery church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with later extension and addition of the tower (bell tower).

The first information related to Monastery of Precista Krajinska says that Petrislav, the father of Prince Jovan Vladimir, was buried in the church in Krajina at the end of the 10th century. The same source states that Prince Vladimir (980-1016) had his own palace in Krajina near the church of St. Mary in which he was buried in 1016. The relics of St. Jovan Vladimir in 1215 were transferred to Durres. According to widespread tradition, the church of st. Mary was built by Vladimir’s wife Kosara (Theodore), the daughter of Emperor Samuel, which was buried next to her husband’s feet, yet sources are reporting on the existence of the church during the life of Petrislav (Arhont Petar) thus he might be considered as a founder as well.

Written sources are reporting that the Metropolitanate of Zeta in the fourteenth century was relocated from Prevlaka Island to Prečina Krajina. In a charter of Balsa III of 1417. Metropolitanate of Zeta is mentioned, so it is assumed from this information that he may have been the patron of construction work during this period. It is assumed that the monastery was demolished in the seventeenth century.