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There is a lack of springs and underground waters in the Krajina. Thus for centuries the Krajinians dug and used wells. These wells are earthy, circular digs about 8-9 meters deep filled with groundwater or, in the case of landslides in Krajina, with the rain. A man made puddles are also filled with rainwater, but are shallower cuts in the rock or soil. The villages had one or more dug wells and puddles used to feed the cattle. Ordinary wells are often grouped at outskirts of villages and along the roads and their water was used in the traditional way.

Old Well, The Well of Kosara

According to tradition, the Old Well or Kosara`s well was built in 1001 AD. Its construction dates back to the reign of King Vladimir and his wife Kosara. The well is used by the locals until the present day.

The old well is located on a small plateau near the Prečista Krajinska Monastery, in the village of Ostros, next to the local road, Ostros – Vladimir. It is a few meters away from the local road and is reachable by a walkway.

Cold Wells of Ostros – Krajiana`s Wells in Boljevići, Ostros

In the foothills of Rumija in the Upper Krajina, in the area of Ostros, in the hamlet of Boljevici, 12 old wells have been preserved. Apart from two natural creeks, Pincic creek and Bapsul creek, there is no other running water in the area, so the locals always dug the wells to meet the need for water during the dry and  long warm, dry summer days. Wells were used for drinking water while man made puddles were built as feeders for cattle.

Around Wells in Boljevici in the fall were organised weddings  at which people were making a toast with ”good water from the wells in Balaj ”. They were even saying the same toast if one would get married and have a wedding in another village. The water from Boljevic was considered to be blessed, therefore it was an integral part of the wedding ceremony and was used to toast the newlyweds for happiness and health.

According to local stories, the wells in Boljevici are very old and are related to the construction of the thousands years old Well of Kosara. According to old customs and traditions of Krajina, every young man, before asking for a hand of a girl was obligated to prove his maturity by doing something for the benefit of his  ancestry, brotherhood or community. That is a base of the legendary story about twelve wells in Boljevici.

A young man was walking through the old Krajina, along the caravan route, when he saw with a beautiful girl which was sitting under a tree of chestnuts. Immediately he fell in love with her. Unfortunately, the girl’s parents thought he was not a greatest opportunity for their daughter. To test him they told him to dig twelve meters deep well, similar to the one Prince Vladimir dug for his beloved Kosara. The young man accepted the challenge and immediately began to dug, but he could not dig deeper than ten meters. What he would dig in the daytime the fairies would ruin during the night. Realising that he cannot dig a well like the one dedicated to Kosara, it came to his mind to dig twelve wells, each for one of twelve months of the year. That was enough to prove him worthy of her hand. He married his beloved girl with whom he had twelve children whose descendants still live around the wells of Krajina. Even today one can hear the story that twelve wells in Boljevici, since the old days, are owned by twelve brotherhoods of this area.